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Today, it’s a pleasure to be here with Will Grundhauser. Will is going to show us a sweep from  double under pass. Will owns Grindhouse Academy, which is my first affiliate school in the U.S., located in Billings, Montana. He is a pioneer in MMA and jiu-jitsu in Montana and his school is producing a bunch of tough fighters and competitors.
Will is going to show us one of the techniques he does very well, a sweep from the double under pass. This is a sweep when your opponent is about to get the stack pass against you. I saw him doing this sweep really well and it was a new position for me. I had never seen it before. Just remember that to get this sweep can be very hard, because whoever is on the bottom of the double under pass is in a very defensive position.
So, let’s see how Will does it.

Here is a breakdown of the key points for a sweep from double under pass by Will Grundhauser:

1.     First, Will controls the opponent’s elbows with his hands and places his feet on the opponent’s hips. Then, Will stretches his hips up so he can put one hook inside the opponent’s legs.
2.     Next, Will uses the inside thigh of his other leg to push against the opponent’s head as Will turns to the side where he has the hook in and he sweeps the opponent over.
3.     Once Will has swept the opponent, he stops right there on top of the opponent. Will keeps the arm hooked and he looks for the opponent’s leg before he lets the head go. If his leg gets caught in the opponent’s leg, Will just kicks his leg out. Then, he slides in for a nice knee bar or toe hold finish.
I feel that when Will does this position, it works really well, because he blocks my tri-cep, so I have nowhere to post my hand. Once he places his hook inside my leg and he throws his other leg over my head and turns into the sweep, I fall because I have no post on that side.
After the sweep, he can choose if he just wants to stay on top or he can go straight to the leg lock, which he does really well.
I think this is a very good position when someone is trying to use the stack pass against you. You can switch right over to this sweep and have the option to stay on top or to attack your opponent’s leg.
Will has won a bunch of MMA fights and a bunch of Grappler’s Quest tournaments as well. He is building an army of tough students here in Billings, Montana. Many of his students have won MMA fights and they are doing really well in jiu-jitsu competitions. I am looking forward to more training with Will and all the students at Grindhouse, my first affiliate school in the United States.
It was a pleasure being with Will Grundhauser here in Billings, Montana. I hope you guys enjoyed this sweep from double under pass. Oss.

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