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Today I am here with Thiago Ximenes.  Thiago was on the Brazilian Nationals team in Judo and he has placed in the worlds at every belt level including black.  Thiago has been at the top of grappling competition for so many years.  He always had the best takedowns at Alliance in Sao Paulo.  Today I asked him to show us one of these super simple takedowns that he does really well.  I think a lot of people struggle with standing in bjj so check it out.

Breakdown of the Super Simple Takedown by Thiago Ximenes:

So guys as you can see this is one of the most basic takedowns that you can do but if you get good at this movement and start to learn the timing of it, it will work well at any level.  Sometimes in bjj, many athletes neglect the standing because they pull guard.
Sometimes, in the competition, you can be tied 0-0 or something like that and just one surprise takedown can screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm     win the match.  That is why it is important to work on your stand up.
What Thiago is doing here is very good because you do not even need to break the grips.  He is going to fake a foot sweep and close the distance.  Once you are able to close the distance he is going to tap and catch the side of the knee as he pushes the collar. It is similar to an ankle pick but on the leg/knee.  Anyways guys I hope you like this one and try it out.


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