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Guys today I am here with Carlos Farias.  Carlos is a black belt and he is 44 years old.  Carlos is a Black belt masters world champion and he is also competing and winning all the time in the adult division.  Guys at 44 years old, Carlos still goes to the adult tournaments and wins, that is very impressive.  I was watching Carlos compete at the masters worlds and I saw him tap someone from the closed guard and I could not see what happened.  When I was able to train with him he told me that it was a rib compression and it is something that he does all the time.  I asked him to show us so check it out below.

Breakdown of the The Closed Guard Squeeze by Carlos Farias: 

So guys as you can see in the video above he is putting a lot of pressure on my ribs and sometimes people will panic from this and they will either tap or they will open up some opportunity for Carlos to sweep. Sometimes when I make these YouTube videos you can’t see what I feel.
In this case I am feeling a lot and you can’t see what he is doing and how much pressure Carlos is putting.  Guys, screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    take it from me, when Carlos is able to squeeze his knees on my ribs (and he is being nice) I feel like my rib cage is going to snap, in this case I would address it and he would be able to sweep.
This is something that we do not see very often and it is very unorthodox but I have seen him do this position at the highest levels.  Anyways guys, I hope you like this and try it out but be careful with this one, oss!


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