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Guys today I am here with John Burke.  John is a brown belt under Marcelo Garcia and he is someone that I used to train a lot with in NYC.  John is a very good level and he was always very good at playing a similar game to me.  John has always been very tough and I asked him to show us one technique here for youtube so let’s see below and I do some breakdown.

Breakdown The Single Leg Half Guard Sweep With John Burke :

So guys as you can see above this is a sweep from one of my favorite positions and it is one of my favorite sweeps.  I have always played the single leg half guard and this position has worked very well for me.
So guys one of the things that I can tell you John is doing very well right away is how deep he is going with the screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  lapel.  When I see people try and use this position, the biggest mistake is that they do not get enough lapel for it to be effective.  What happens is that people get excited to get some lapel and when they do they try and go, you need to get a lot.
Once you solidify the position you need to be able to bump your opponent and when you do the sweep is just there.  Guys I like this position a lot and when I teach it I always say this is a great game for older guys or people nonathletic, anyways I hope you like this position, oss!


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