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I decided to have this Pressure Passing breakdown made, to help to show what my techniques, concepts and approach to pressure passing is. I believe that using pressure to pass the guard is the best approach to pass all types of guards. By using continuous force and remaining in contact to the guard player, I will breakdown their frames, movements and ability to escape. Keeping the pressure on my opponent. I am always the one attacking and my opponent is forced into using defensive techniques. In a defensive mode the guard is less effective and dangerous and now I am able to pass the guard more effectively.
In the video, there is examples of how I apply this strategy in competition. Before I can even think about trying to pass some of the best guard players in the world, I must set up everything. As this video shows I like to get to the pressure pass by using some sweep from half guard with the lapel. There is always the option to take my opponent down (Learn the easiest takedown for the BJJ player) or use another sweep(checkout this awesome entry to the X-guard from the deep-half guard) but, as many of you guys know I favor to use the lapel half-guard. After getting on top, I then find the over-under position. From the over-under I have many different options (Add one of my favorite options from the over-under to your game) but, the most important thing to keep in mind is that the over-under positions makes it difficult for my opponent to hold me in their half guard. As the video shows, My opponent is unable to lock their legs for the half guard and this makes their guard more open for the pass.
Once you have reached the position, The pressure begins. Once it starts it does not stop… I use the tripod- moving in such a way that all my weight is disturbed on my opponent by only connecting my two feet and upper body (shoulder, head and neck) to the mat and my opponent. To get even more pressure I use the shoulder drive. All my weight is transferred into my shoulder which is being forced into my opponent. This is super uncomfortable for the person on the bottom. Because all my weight is on the diaphragm of my opponent- he is forced to pick one side or the other to get the pressure off. Once my opponent moves my path to the guard pass is opened. I can use the Farside Jump, Torreando,Leg Switch and finally my opponent may switch to survival mode and expose the back to me. The important thing is now my opponent is forced into my game. The match is now being drawn deeper and deeper to the area in which I have spent more time in and am more comfortable in, this is part of my game plan ( Learn how to master making and executing your own game plan)

Thank you for watching this video! I hope you were able to get a better understanding of the type of pressure passing that I like to use and have been able to use against the best guard players in the world. Pressure passing is a huge part of my game and one of the major reasons I was able to accomplish many wins at the hardest tournaments in the world. For more on pressure passing or the techniques that I have used to reach the success that I have had in my BJJ journey check out:.….
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