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Today I am here with Charles Harriot, Charles is a very high level black belt that is an instructor for the bjj globe trotters.  Charles did what everyone in Jiu Jitsu wants to do, he spent a year traveling around the world and went to a new gym every week or so.  He is super nice and great to have.  He was doing this submission a lot at my academy and him and I were discussing if it is illegal or legal with the IBJJF, it is a very good submission and I asked him to show, the video is below and I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Polemic Submission (Legal or illegal?) by Charles Harriott:

So guys as you can see this submission is very good and it is very useful.  What charles is doing is getting into the Kesa Gatame position from side control and getting super deep.   Once he is able to solidify this position he is going to tighten everything up.
Once he makes the adjustments and gets everything tight, he is going to under hook my leg and basically get intoscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  like a chair sit position.  When he does this he will slowly use his legs to tighten everything by bringing them closer and closer.
Charles does this very slow and I can tell youo it felt horrible.  As he does this I feel like he is compressing my lungs and I am unable to breathe.  This looks like it is a cervical submission and he is doing some spine lock, but I did not feel it in my neck or back, only in my chest.  I still think that the IBJJF would call this illegal because of how it looks.  What do you guys think, is it legal or illegal?


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