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It’s a huge pleasure to be here with Jimmy Pedro. Today, Jimmy is going to show us his best pass, the over-under pass. Jimmy is the best competitor in U.S. history and the best judo coach in U.S. history. He is very famous for his grip fighting and his ground game. The over-under pass is also my favorite pass. I’m excited to see how Jimmy does it. I’m sure I’ll learn something new to use in my game.
Let’s see how Jimmy does the over-under pass:

When Jimmy’s opponent is playing open guard on his back, Jimmy always starts outside one leg of his opponent.
Jimmy will even let his opponent get a butterfly hook on his leg. Jimmy’s goal is to control his opponent’s opposite leg. He gets control by grabbing the skirt of his opponent’s gi and he pulls tight. He wants to get his opponent’s leg down past his shoulder, in order to control his opponent’s hip. Jimmy wants to control his opponent’s hip so it can’t come back up on Jimmy’s shoulder.
Once Jimmy gets to this position, he wraps his other arm very low around the bottom of his opponent’s other leg. Jimmy starts to come around his opponent’s leg by driving in and bringing his knee above his opponent’s knee. Then Jimmy sits back, keeping his opponent’s legs spread wide, so his opponent can’t figure-four his legs.
As long as Jimmy is above his opponent’s knee, then he will be able to move his arm to control his opponent’s head. Now to get his opponent’s leg out, Jimmy flattens out and he brings his knee over his opponent’s leg. Then Jimmy brings his leg to his opponent’s hip and he establishes side control.
The most important thing with his over-under pass is that you can’t start inside your opponent’s guard because it will be hard to get out. It’s very important to get outside one leg of the opponent.
This is very cool for me. The over-under pass is my favorite pass but Jimmy does it differently. The way I like to do this pass is to get outside one leg of my opponent, but I don’t care about getting my shoulder over my opponent’s leg like Jimmy does. I keep my shoulder under my opponent’s leg. Then I stretch my opponent’s leg and I walk to the middle. Then I swing my leg over and get the over-under pass to side control.
It’s always interesting in jiu-jitsu to see how people do the same position in different ways. When Jimmy did his over-under pass on me, it was super tight, I couldn’t move.

Here is the breakdown of the key points of how Jimmy does his over-under pass:

  1. Jimmy starts outside one leg of his opponent. He controls his opponent’s hip by grabbing the skirt of his opponent’s gi.
  2. Next Jimmy makes sure his opponent’s leg is past his shoulder, in order to control his opponent’s hip.
  3. Then Jimmy works around his opponent’s other leg by bringing his knee above his opponent’s knee. He keeps his opponent’s legs spread wide apart.
  4. Jimmy looks for head control and Jimmy flattens out his body to get over his opponent’s leg. He brings his knee over his opponent’s leg and then to his opponent’s hip, establishing side control.
  5. If Jimmy’s opponent controls Jimmy’s arm preventing Jimmy from getting head control, then Jimmy will kick his leg over and establish side control.

It was very interesting for me to see the over-under pass but with different details. It ended up being as effective as the way I do the over-under pass.
Every position in bjj, such as the arm bar, have different details that are effective. I want to thank Jimmy for showing us his over-under pass, I hope you enjoyed the video. Oss.

Jimmy has just launch a new DVD instructional where he cover all the details about his passing game. I watched and loved the variations he has to the Over-Under Pass. Click Here To Check It Out: 
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