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Today I am here with Dimitrius Souza, we both gave a seminar here at alliance.  Dimitrius is a good friend of mine and we used to train together a lot.  Dimitrius is one of those guys that have the best balance in the world.  I remember when we trained together he always gave me a hard time when he was on top.  He has such a good top game.  I think his best position is definitely when he is passing the deep half guard or the X guard.  This guy is impossible to sweep!  Dimitrius is currently ranked #4 black belt in the world by IBJJF in the adult division.  Today I asked Dimitrius how he always pass the deep half guard.  Check out the video below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of How to Pass The Deep Half Guard by Dimitrius Souza:

Gus this pass is amazing.  Although it may seem simple being a deep half guard player I can tell you that this works well.  There are some key details that I think are the most important.  When Dimitrius throws his leg over my head he holds my arm across my body so that I stay on my side.  This is very important because I will probably want to make my back flat but I cannot with this grip.
Another key detail that he has is when he starts to free his knee like the knee slice position he uses his hand and collar grip like a cross face.  Dimitrius is really really good at this.  He puts so much pressure on my face that it is impossible to turn into him at this point.
The whole time dimitrius is in control of where my body goes.  When I want to flatten my back I can’t and when I want to turn into him I can’t.  This pass is very similar to the one Marcelo Garcia does just with some different details.
Anyways guys I really hope you like this pass and use it for those guys at your academy that playscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm the deep half guard.  Also don’t forget to download my free E-Book. I really think that this can help you in every aspect of your bjj!


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