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Today I am here with Jamico Elder, recently he made a DVD about wrist locks and it was one of the coolest DVD’s I ever saw.  Jamico has so much knowledge on the wrist locks and I finally got the chance to meet with him and exchange knowledge on the wrist lock.  I am here at Chris Haueter’s school with him and this is one of the coolest places I have ever been.  Today Jamico is going to show us one of his favorite wrist locks from when the opponent is standing and grabs high on the collar.  Everyone knows how to do this wrist lock when they are low on the collar but I asked Jamico what he does if the grip higher.  Anyways guys, check out the video below and then I will do a break down!

Breakdown of A Nasty Wrist Lock by Jamico Elder:

So guys this is a very simple way to surprise your opponent.  As you can see above in the video I asked Jamico to show us what he does when his opponent grabs high on the collar.  Basically, he breaks my posture by hitting me in between my forearm and biceps.  Once he does this my elbow moves to his center, than he turns into me and it feels like my wrist and my forearm are going to break.
This is a very simple wrist lock but man if you do this fast I think your opponent is definitely going to tap.  The weird thing was that when he broke my posture and trapped my elbow/forearm, it was very hard for me to let go of this grip and once I was stuck and he turned in there is nothing I can do.
Guys I hope you like this technique, try it out but don’t hurt your training partner, if they don’tscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   know this technique they may not know to tap.  This comes on very quickly but it is a great technique! Oss! Also download my free E-Book if you have not already!  I really really think this can help your Jiu Jitsu!
If you want to see all of Jamico’s wrist lock he has a DVD on them, I put a link to it below!


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