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Guys today I am here with Renato Cardoso. Renato is a very high level black belt and he has won a lot of competitions.  This video is a little old from time in New York when I was training with Marcelo Garcia.  I got the chance to train with Renato and I had asked him to show me his trademark foot lock that he does from the 1 leg x guard.  The video is below and then I will breakdown.

Breakdown of A Nasty Footlock From 1 Leg X-Guard by The Best On It – Renato Cardoso:

So guys this is a really cool footlock and it works really well.  Renato has won many of his matches by using this foot lock.  It is kind of like a toe hold or estima lock in how it works but it is different.  Basically, this is a great submission because it is applied from 1 leg X and this is normally a position where your opponent is threatening you with the foot lock.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm
So what Renato does is peel the foot that I have on his hip and he knows that I am going to put it back.  When I go to put the foot back on his hip, he has already put me in the trap and it is to late.
To finish he does a 2 on 1 gable type grip on my foot and he is going to use the leverage from his elbow to get my foot to break.  Guys this is a super tight lock and it happens very quick.  Be careful with this one, oss!


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