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Today I am here to talk about my motivation to keep making videos.  A lot of people always ask me on messages “Bernardo why do you always make so many videos?”  Well there is a lot of reason.  Some of the main reasons that I like to make videos and put out a lot of content  out are because there is so much content and videos out there that I believe it is difficult for people to filter which ones are better for them and what techniques are good techniques.  There are so many techniques out there that it can become difficult to find moves that are good for you.
Many times I receive messages from older guys, less flexible guys, less athletic guys, and a lot of ordinary guys that tell me my game is working good for them.  With all of these techniques out there, some things can be more difficult to do for certain people.  For example, moves like the berimbolo, the spider guard, these positions may require a lot of flexibility.  Other moves like the toreando and things can be harder for people to do and they may have to be more athletic.  When all these guys message me, a lot of them say the same thing and they tell me that my game and my moves have helped them and that they are easy to do.
This is a huge motivation for me to keep making videos guys!  To know that I am helping beginners, older guys, less athletic guys, and all of these ordinary people feels so good.  This is a huge motivation for me, I just like to see people take my techniques and make them work.  Jiu Jitsu is not easy and you have to find the right techniques to use.
So  guys this is why I like to make videos, E-Books, and film with other people.  You never knowscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  what techniques are going to be good for what people and this is important to know.  Anyways guys, I talk about this in more detail below in the video also check out my free E-Book if you haven’t already! Ossss



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