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Today I am posting something a little bit different.  I wanted to share with many of the up and coming competitors some advice.  I want to talk about the main thing that I did in my BJJ Career that helped me to compete.
Now a days there are so many people trying to compete and do Jiu Jitsu for a living.  This is so cool to see.  When I was competing in my bjj career, I did not train like 5x per day and do anything crazy like that.  I trained 2x per day and I made my training sessions count.  What I mean is that sometimes you see people say they trained 3 or 4x per day and they don’t train hard.
They key is in the quality of your training sessions.  Every time that I would train at Marcelo’s in NYC I would screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm make a bracket for myself and pretend I was in the tournament.  I would say that today I will go with Jon Satava, then Matheus Diniz, then Marcos, then Marcelo, and Gianni.  I would always pick the toughest guys in the gym to roll and I never rested.
When the training was over I would MAKE SURE to roll at lease 5 more rounds.  I would call all of the people that were fresh to do more rounds so that I was tired going against someone who was not.  So if I call someone fresh and noticed that Marcelo was resting I would ask him to roll after.
I don’t think there is a recipe for being a world champion but I think you need to work harder than everyone else so you know when you step on the mat that you did everything you could possibly do. You don’t want doubt.  Anyways guys check out the video below where I talk more on this. OSS


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