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Today I am here with Youssef Drihmi.  He is a brown belt under Marcelo Garcia and when I used to train and teach there in NYC I always trained with him.  We are here at my Academy in Bedford, MA and today I was lucky to have 12 guys from Marcelo’s school in NYC come visit.  Youssef is one of them and he always used to come to my classes and we always rolled.  He is a super tough guy, and e he has a very good knee slice.  When someone plays the butterfly on him I always know that he is going to get the knee slice and probably pass. Today he is going to show is how he does this position.  Check it out below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of the Knee Slice Pass vs Butterfly Guard by Youssef Drihmi:

So guys at Marcelos gym everyone there is super good at doing positions like this.  Marcelo loves to start many of his rolls by forcing the half guard and getting to the knee slide.  Marcelo is the best guy I ever saw at the knee slide.  The way Youssef does this is a little different than Marcelo.
Youssef is very patient, and he likes to move a little slower.  What he does first is force his opponent’s back to the mat.  He wants to put their shoulders on the mat so that they cannot play the butterfly guard any more.  One he does this he steps into the 1 in 1 out passing position.
1 in 1 out is a position when one of your legs is in between your opponent’s and the other is out.  Then he will screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm    control the lapel and make sure to keep his posture low so that they cannot establish tricky guards like the lasso or the spider guard.  This is very important.
The next thing that he does is control the sleeve.  This is one of the most important details because if his opponent can use their arm he will have a hard time because they will start to get up and go for the single leg.  I like to play the half guard and when someone controls my sleeve I hate it.
The last step is to hit the knee slide and bring the arm across the body like he does to me in the video above.  Anyways guys I hope you like this position and try it out.  It is a really simple and effective pass! Osss!


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