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Today I am here with Gabriel Procopio. He is from my home town and was always one of my main training partners.  I started in 2001 and he started in 2002 and he was always one belt behind me.  When I was a blue belt he was a white belt, when I was purple he was Blue and so on.  He is a super high level black belt, he is always making the podium at all of the toughest tournaments, and he has won many IBJJF tournaments including the Brazilian Nationals No Gi.  He is super good at the knee shield and today he is going to show us one of his favorite techniques.  It is a knee bra from the knee shield.  Let’s look at it below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of Gabriel Procopio’s Knee Bar from Knee Shield:

Guys this is a super good combination of attacks.  Notice that he does not only have one move from this position.  He will go from the knee bar to the toe hold and move back and forth.  One of the most important details is the fact that he keeps stripping my grip.
Every time I try to grab his lapel he breaks my grip because he does not want me to put pressure on him, he also does a very good job of controlling my sleeve.  Controlling my sleeve is very important because I cannot close the distance.
In the knee shield he wants to keep the distance, after he gets the sleeve he will move to the screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  knee bar and set a trap.  When I think that I can smash him he rolls me to the knee bar and no matter what I do he has the answer.  Anyways guys I hope you like this technique, if you have not already download my FREE E-book! Oss!


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