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Today I am here with Chris Palmisano.  Chris is a brown belt from Marcelo Garcia and he was one of my main training partners in NYC when I was training there.  Chris has a very good straight footlock.  The footlock is legal from white to black I believe with the IBJJF.  Chris was so good at this position and with him if he gets the grips, he is probably going to finish it. If I ever was preparing for a match against an opponent that I knew had a very good footlock I made sure to train even more with Chris.  I always knew that Chris was going to go for it and help me get prepared.  Today I asked Chris to show us the secrets to his footlock so guys check it out below and then I will breakdown.

Breakdown of Chris Palmisano’s Killer Strait Footlock:

So guys there are a lot of little details going on here with Chris footlock.  One of the main things that I notice about Chris is that he likes to set the footlock up while he is passing the guard.  When he is passing the guard his opponent will probably give him the foot.
One he gets into the traditional footlock position like single leg X, he switches the way he places his feet.  Instead of the outside leg going on the hip he puts the inside leg on the hip so that he can stop the main escape.  Once he does this, it is very difficult to escape.
The next thing that he does is very important, Chris will push down on his opponent’s knee so that it is harder for screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm them to put the shoes on and he gets the foot in the perfect position.  After this he gets his grip, like a guillotine grip and it is game over.  This footlock is so powerful.  I have seen a lot of footlock’s in my training but Chris is one of the best.
Anyways guys, I hope you like this position and try it out, if you have not already check out my FREE E-book! Oss guys!


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