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Today I am here again with Dean Lister, it is always a pleasure for me to work with him.  Dean is one of the best grapplers of all time.  If you did not know, Dean won the ADCC absolute title which is one of the most prestigious titles you can win in grappling.  He also won the ADCC three times, once was the absolute, once was his division and once was a super fight.  Dean is probably the best Nogi guy ever.  Today he is going to show us one of the best toe holds I have ever seen.

Breakdown of Dean Lister’s Inescapable Toe Hold:

So guys as you can see from the video above Dean goes into a lot of detail on the toe hold.  He has so much knowledge on this position.  He talked about a lot of details but I think the most important detail is that you have to control your opponent’s both legs.
So when you have the toe hold grip on one leg, control the other leg of your opponent’s with your legs.  This is what makes the toe hold so bad.  If your opponent cannot roll their way out of the toe hold or use their other foot to defend it can be very hard to stop it.
Some people think that the toe hold does not work so well but guys I promise that it does.  A lot of people have screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm tapped to toe holds at the big competitions, it is just a hard and technical move to do. Anyways guys I really hope you like this technique, Dean is the man, also, if you haven’t already, download my FREE E-Book.  I really think that this book can help a lot of you guys progress! Oss!
If you want to learn more of Dean Listers K.A.T.C.H system check out his DVD below!


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