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For sure there is someone at your school who does the lockdown, right? It can be one of the most annoying positions in BJJ. Because besides the fact that it can hurt your knee, your opponent can also stale the game and completely stop your moves using this lockdown from the bottom half-guard.
Most of the time who likes to play the lockdown is the older grappler, because it can be a good way to slow down the match and give the guy on bottom some time to think and set up the next techniques.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmAfter experiencing this difficult position myself many times I have figured out the best way possible to escape from it. I have developed one way that works very well for me, where I try to bend my leg and right away switch my base, being able to unlock the lock down.
In the video below I teach how to do it. I hope it helps you, because for sure you know someone who does it, and I bet that it bothers you too.
I hope you guys enjoy it.

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