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In this video below Im taking about how to prevent injuries in BJJ. Injuries can be one of the most annoying things in BJJ. Time off the mats takes away from our ability to improve our skills. Perhaps, we even could miss championships or not have the time to properly prepare. I share some of my own experiences and advice. I hope you guys enjoy it….
1.) We can not prevent all injuries. However, If you are “sore” or “tired” do not take time off. Sometimes we are forced to not be able to train. When I broke my foot and hurt my chest, I forced to take a couple months off. When these big injuries happen, that is when we should take the time off to heal everything.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm2.) Your first week back be smart. If you are off from training come back carefully. Do not rush. Do not set yourself back by going  hard and injuring your self again. Train maybe every other day and slowly start working back to training with the toughest guys.
3.) Do your strength and conditioning. S&C will help alot in making the body strong. I am lucky to have KP ( in my corner. He builds my body with S&C and also is a PT to heal my body when I have injury. By strengthening the body, it will be more resilient to the pounding that BJJ puts on the joints, ligaments, bones, etc….
4.) Periodization. There are times to train hard and time to upgrade the skills without pushing the body. You can not go 100% all year round.  The weeks after a hard preparation for the big championship and fighting many matches at the championship. Train but, try to focus on the skills not going crazy hard.
5) Do the warmup! A warm up is called a warm up because the body needs to warmup before it works hard. If you skip the warmup or the technique part of class and jump right into the training. Your body is cold and injury is much more likely to occur.
Injuries are a part of the game. However, I believe that following these tips will help prevent some injuries and keep you on the mats year round!!!

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