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Since I started BJJ, in 2001, I have always tried to find the submissions that I didn’t have to take too much risk to try it. I am not an explosive athlete who can hit submissions from all positions. My style of BJJ is to find the best positions first, then work for the submission. This is a common style for the older grappler or the non-athletic.
Most of my submissions are from positions that I have a very good control of my opponent: side control, mount, back, or even closed guard. 
In the video below I show my Invisible Kneebar from the over-under pass, it is one of my favorite submissions even though it is not from a position of control. I really like it because I follow the same principle: I can try it, without taking too much risk of loosing the position and my opponent never sees it coming. It is very powerful because as the opponent doesn’t feel that it is coming, all my weight goes to my hip and falls over his knee at once. I really like it because if the kneebar doesn’t work, or if my opponent is tough enough to not tap, I can continue to pass.
It’s a pretty simple submission, you dont need to move a lot to get it, because you are in the over-under pass, you are in position for the “Invisible Kneebar” at anytime. (Check Out this blog post: Easiest Way To Get Submission In Tournaments)
 In this video, I show how I do it and some the details to get the Kneebar. In my “High Percentage Submissions 4 DVD Set” Instructional (Click Here to Check Out) I show all the details for this technique, different entries, plus all my other favorite attacks.
As I mentioned before I like better the simple and basic submissions than the sophisticated submissions, so I really believe that it can work for you too. I hope you guys enjoy this video. 

Quick Tip:
An important details is to make sure you control the opponents hip to prevent them from hip escaping.
Would love to hear what you guys think about this technique.
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