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Many times at seminars, the older guys that train Jiu Jitsu always seem to ask me how to beat the younger guys on the mats. Some of the older guys have a difficult time dealing with the speed, flexibility and the athleticism of the youthful Jiu Jitsu students. In a nutshell, there is something simple you can do, to do this. It is to slow the game down.
Younger guys want a fast paced, scramble based fight to beat guys that have less athletic attributes. Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the pace. Instead bring the pace to where you feel comfortable. Use your positions well. Say you are working on passing your partner’s half guard. Don’t worry about doing it quickly. Grind the pass with your pressure, weight and balance.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmMany times, the slow, pressure filled passes and positions will cause those younger guys to lose some of their technique and take them out of their comfort zone. Work from those places as much as you can. It’s about being able to dominate from passing with pressure and locking the positions where you can use your best techniques.
Also while being aware of new school guards and techniques is smart, you don’t have to use them, you just have to know how to defend them. Much of the younger guys want to invert, roll and do flashy techniques. But in the end, slowing down the game will largely prevent those techniques from working. For example, it is difficult to berimbolo someone when a person uses their weight and pressure to pass low before it can be completed. In my Instructional “The Pressure Passing Encyclopedia 4 DVD Set” (Click Here to check out). I show 47 different ways of passing that will help you to slow down your young opponents when you are on top.
It is a very insightful training supplement that will help you to slow down the pace in Jiu Jitsu and be able to beat the young bucks that will look to take advantage of their own physical attributes. With age, your Jiu Jitsu should be able to adapt to your own physicality’s. This is how you can successfully adapt. So, for you older guys on the mats, keep working hard and use some of the information. The young guys will certainly see your prowess on the mats!
In this video below I made an interview with my physical conditioning coach Kevin Paretti. We talked about conditioning for who does BJJ professionally and also for who does BJJ as a hobby, so it also might help you a lot. Make sure to check out.
I hope you guys enjoy it.


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