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Hey guys I am here today with Mario Delgado.  For those who don’t know Mario he is the first Mexican black belt who was raised in Mexico.  Mario is a black belt under Renzo Gracie and he has a ton of affiliates in Mexico, over 20.   Mario is also the commentator for UFC Espanol and he is a very well recognized analyst for MMA.  Mario is not only all of this, he is also an awesome competitor.  Mario has received medals at many of the major IBJJF no gi tournaments and he is 41 years old.  Mario is very good at flying attacks so today I asked him to show one flying triangle.

Breakdown of Flying Triangle From Single Leg by Mario Delgado:

So guys, one thing I will start with saying is that many people see flying submissions and right away they turn a blind eye because they think it is fancy or impossible to do.  Mario is not some crazy athlete, he is 41, and he does this all the time.
So I think it is important to know that like with everything else in bjj, this is about the technique.  So one of the main things that Mario is able to do from the single leg right away is get his leg out.  If he is not able to do this, there is no triangle.
So another thing he did that is really cool is he straitened his leg so that he is able to get into a good position with the triangle right away.  Anyways guys I hope you like this, oss!


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