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On tournament days, there are many things that can happen that could possibly affect your performance. Physical, mental and emotional factors can help determine the outcome of your matches. But you shouldn’t fret. There are things you can do to make sure that you perform at your best. Here are five helpful tips that can help you when tournament days are at your door…
5) Keep calm 
I know it is easier said than done, but keeping calm is absolutely important to make sure you’re day at the tournament goes well.  Feeling nervous is normal- from white belt to black belt everyone feels nerves. The important thing is to manage these feelings so, they do not have a negative effect on your performance. Create a routine to do before the tournament as well as while your at the competition to help manage your nerves.You will most likely feel nervous, and that is because a tournament to us in Jiu Jitsu is a special occasion. Staying calm means you are more likely not to make a mistake in a match.
4) Don’t focus on how you’re feeling 
When you wake up on the morning of the tournament, don’t focus on how you’re feeling. Some people wake up feeling great, while others wake up feeling bad. That should not be an important matter for you. There were times I woke up feeling good, but lost and other times I woke up feeling bad, yet I won. Focus on doing your best, rather than how you feel.
3) Stay with a good diet 
Keeping on the diet that you have been used to is another important factor. If you have been eating oatmeal for breakfasts during your training, don’t wake up the morning of the tournament and go have eggs and bacon. Going off a diet routine can give you stomach problems. Those problems can give you nausea issues and affect how you do. Same thing with supplements. If you haven’t taken supplements beforehand and the day of the tournament comes, don’t go try some because they can take a toll on your body. If there is something you want to try, try it in advance during your training to make sure your body adapts to it. If you need tips for cutting weight, make sure to check out this blog post: “5 Tips To Cut Weight For BJJ”
2) Don’t worry about the brackets 
This is a mental factor that comes into play. People go to the tournaments and look at the brackets and it gets in their head. Perhaps there is many people, or other good Jiu Jitsu competitors that you’ve seen before. When it gets into your head, it will affect how you compete against your opponents. Don’t worry about the brackets. There are times when I thought the brackets looked very tough, but I came out winning. And other times, I thought the brackets were maybe a little easier, but I lost. Point is, go in and try your best, not worrying about the brackets.
1) Don’t worry about your opponents 
Another mental issue people deal with at tournaments, is letting their opponents get into their head. Instead of focusing on their own good technique and conditioning, they watch their opponents compete and defeat themselves by thinking that their opponents are better than them. You cannot do that. Trust in yourself and your training. Know that your techniques are better and that you have good spirit. This will give you the best outcome.
Tournaments can make for a nerve-wrecking, stressful day. But they should be a fun, learning experience instead. Follow these tips, and you will do well when the time comes to compete. Remember, you have to believe in yourself and you can achieve greatness.
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