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Guys today I am here in Japan with one of my favorite competitors these days, Masahiro Iwasaki.  Masahiro is probably the most successful competitor in Asia.  He is a light weight and has beaten some of the biggest names in the division like Edwin Najmi, Gilbert Burns “Durihno,” and many other guys that are crazy tough.  One reason I love seeing him compete is because he plays a half guard game very similar to mine at the light weight and makes it work.  Today he is going to show my favorite sweep from Deep Half.  Lets see how he does it.

Breakdown of The Faria Sweep From Deep Half Guard by Masahiro Iwasaki:

So guys as you can see this position looks very familiar hehehe.  This is my favorite sweep in the world, it is the one that I hit more than any other in my career.  As you can see one of the biggest benefits of this sweep is that you take advantage of one of the most common ways to pass the half.
It is a great sweep because you use your opponents under hook against them.  It is cool to see how Masahiro does screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmit almost exactly the same as me.  Sometimes people ask if my game works at the lighter weights and I think it does and he does this sweep all the time in the competition.
Anyways guys we filmed an entire instructional on his half guard and as a half guard player I was very impressed so keep your eyes on bjj fanatics.  Anyways guys, enjoy, oss!


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