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Today I am here with Ian Mcpherson, I remember when I first joined the Alliance team in 2009 Ian was one of the most exciting guys to watch compete.  He was always making that matches crazy exciting and a lot of movement.  Ian got second place at the Worlds as a purple and then won the worlds as a brown belt and every single match that he had was always crazy high paced, there was scrambles and everyone loved watching him.  Guys Ian has a crazy good leg attack game and I asked him to show some technique for my YouTube channel.  Ian is going to show us one of his favorite Toe Holds, let’s look below and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of Ian Mcpherson’s Efficient Toe Hold:

So guys as you can see and hear in the video above, this toe hold is really really tight.  It was one of the tightest toe holds that I have ever felt.  Ian was showing us this technique from the half guard today but you have to remember that you can start attacking the toe hold from almost anywhere.
Some people might not recognize what you are doing with this grip because it is unorthodox and this may be a
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmbenefit to doing this position.  Also, some people do not respect the toe hold as much as they should and I know if you do this one, they will.
When Ian was doing it to me I was really surprised to see how tight it is.  Anyways guys I really hope that you enjoyed this technique.  Ian is a good friend of mine and he was one of the most exciting guys I ever saw compete.  Ossss!


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