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Toady I am going to talk about one question that I receive all the time.  Many times when I do seminars, teach class, go to tournaments and receive messages people are asking me what they should eat on the day of the tournament.  It is the most important day! So guys, to be honest, on the day of the tournament I don’t change my diet at all.  I eat the same things that I would eat any other day.
The reason that I don’t change the way I eat is because I treat the tournament day the same as any other day.  If I am used to eating eggs, bagels and a cup of coffee, I am going to eat this on the day of the tournament as well.  Part of it is mental and it is treating the day the same as all others, but I also don’t want to shock my body and do something completely different all of the sudden.
Sometimes I see guys that will take supplements or pre-workouts on the day of the tournament, but they don’t screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   normally, and they get like jittery and their stomach will cramp. I don’t think this is a smart way to do it.  There are some rules that I like to do.  For example, if I have a match at 11 am I always try to eat at least 3 hours before.  It is important to have nutrients in your body.  On tournament day it is so much adrenaline and you need to have food.
Something else that I personally do is eat apples and drink just water.  It is actually pretty funny guys, I go to the market and buy like 10-15 apples and the cashier always laughs and says that is a lot of apples.  I like apples because they make me feel god but keep me light and give me nutrients.  So guys That’s it! Check out the video below where I discuss the topic a little bit more in detail and also if you have not already, download my FREE E-book! Oss guys!


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