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Today I am here with my good friend and bjj legend, Tom DeBlass.  Tom is one of the most famous American Grapplers ever, he has won the ADCC Trials multiple times, he is a no gi world champion and ADCC Veteran.  Tom is one of the best selling instructors on BJJ Fanatics and I always love learning from him.  Tom is a lot like me because he loves to play the half guard.  Today he is going to show us some drills from his new instructional that is all about drilling.  Check it out below.

Breakdown of Drilling From Knee Shields by Tom DeBlass:

So guys as you can see here this is a drill that Tom likes to use to work on his knee shield attacks.  Guys quick thing here about drilling.  I think drilling is a great way to refine your positions that you are good at.  For example, I always drilled the over under, the deep half and single leg half.  Even when I was good with this, I would drill.
Here, Tom is showing some great attacks that he likes from the knee shield when the opponent is trying to do thescreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm sandwhich pass. This pass can be a big pain.  Tom’s first option is one that I like a lot, he is going to control the wrist, come to the knees and do a forward roll to find the omoplata.
He also shows an awesome way to get up and use the kimura against your opponent to get a sweep, or threaten some submission.  If you guys are fans of the knee shield try these out! Oss!


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