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Guys today I am here again with another great wrestler, Dan Vallimont.  Dan is one of the best wrestlers in the entire country and today we shot an entire instructional series with him on wrestling and I was very impressed.  Dan was able to throw me with a bunch of takedowns and I am more than 50 lbs heavier than him, his technique was very impressive.  Today I asked him to show us one of his favorite throws and you can watch in the video how much this one hurt me.

Breakdown of Different Version Of The Fireman’s Carry by Dan Vallimont:

So guys as you can see from the video above this was one of the hardest throws I have received.  Normally I ask the instructor to show these techniques 3/4 times but with this one I was fine with just twice.  heheheh.
As you can see this is a very leverage based throw because I am almost 100 lbs heavier than Dan and he throws
me so easily.  The thing happening here is as soon as I grab his waist, I give him the throw. He is able to trap my arm by grabbing my wrist and he gets way under neath me and throws me.
This throw is great because you can use the traditional methods with the gi, with out the gi, and although it may look hard or fancy if you know what you are doing it is actually very easy. Oss, guys be careful with this one.


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