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Today I am here with Rob Hileman, Rob is a black belt under Tom DeBlass.  I was here in his academy with my business partner, Michael Zenga and we were just visiting.  Rob is a friend of mine and he is very tough, I asked him to show us one choke he does really well but with a different approach.  It is a paper cutter choke.  Let’s see the choke below and then I do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Different Variation Of The Bread Cutter Choke by Rob Hileman:

So guys this is one of the most basic chokes that many of us learn.  I have known this since I was a white belt and have always done it.  I actually did not even know the name until today hehehe.  Now I know it is the bread cutter or the paper cutter.
So guys what Rob is doing different is the set up.  It is a simple adjustment that he does but it makes for a very screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   tricky set up.  Rob is going to go to the north south, then he is going to trap my arm. When he does this I don’t even think of the bread cutter, I think maybe arm lock or north south because of his body positioning.
Then when he is ready he digs the grip and he is blocking my grip with his body, he is able to slide his arm in the collar and it is just there.  A very good choke and very sneaky. I love learning new variations of these simple to use chokes, oss guys!


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