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Guys today I am here with Craig Lyman.  He is a black belt from Las Vegas.  His brother is Chad Lyman and we have done a bunch of DVD”s with him on self-defense and things for bjj fanatics.  It is a huge pleasure for me to be here with Craig.  Today Craig is going to show something very similar to a position I love, he is going to show an over under variation but he does much different then me.  This is why I love bjj, everybody is going to take things and add their own touches.  This is exactly what Craig did.  He took the position and now does it differently, let’s see it below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Different Over Under Pass by Craig Lyman:

So guys if you have seen my DVD’s or watched me compete you know that this is very different then how I do my over under.  The way that I like to do it is by putting the opponent’s leg in between my leg, straitening it and then walking back to the middle and passing.
Craig like to keep the leg across his body and start to do the over under.  Guys I always say that in Jiu Jitsu there screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm is no right or wrong, and this is a great way to do it.  Craig is very comfortable here and you have to feel how much pressure he puts in this position.  When Craig does this he really keeps my foot close to my butt and I can’t move it.
Anyways guys, I hope you like this position and try it out.   There are so many different ways to do any move and you will see what works for you, oss!


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