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Guys today I am here with Vladislav Koulikov, Vlad is a black belt in Jiu Jitsu under the great Rafael Formiga, he is also a black belt in Judo and he is what would be considered a black belt in Sambo.  Vlad is from Russia and he used to do real Russian Sambo in Russia, he moved to the United States 21 years ago and is a very complete martial artist.  In my opinion it is very hard to find authentic Sambo in the US and Vlad is one of the most authentic and best Sambo guys in America, not only is his Sambo very good, he is also a very good Jiu Jitsu guy.  The combination of Judo, Sambo, and BJJ makes Vlad a very knowledgable guy for grappling.  Today he is going to show us one of his favorite positions where he goes from a Scissor takedown to the foot lock.  Let’s take a look and then I will break it down.

Breakdown of the Dangerous Scissor Takedown going to the Footlock by Vladislav “Vlad” Koulikov:

So guys as you can see above I mentioned that this technique is not legal for the IBJJF and in many gi competitions, but it is important to learn these techniques for when you train nogi or if you visit schools.  This is a great position and the way Vlad does is very safe.
So many people think that is a very dangerous position to do but that is not the case if you are practicing this technique.  As Vlad mentioned exercise caution.  So what is Vlad doing, basically when I get the single the most important details he gave are the he has to get an angle on me and make sure that the leg that is not in the single leg gets very very deep.  This is what will off balance me.
The way that Vlad keeps his legs in the reap position is very good, something that you have to screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm feel and that you cannot see in how tight Vlad kept his knees.  Anyways guys I hope you like this technique and practice it carefully! OSS! Also if you have not already download my FREE E-Book!


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