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Today I am here with Matheus Gonzaga.  Matheus is a good friend of mine and he is the other instructor at my school, The Bernardo Faria Academy in the Bedford, MA area.  Matheus is a super good competitor; he has won the purple belt adult world championship at one of the toughest division and other IBJJF tournaments as a brown belt as well.  He is super tough and super nice.  I love having Matheus as an instructor at my school because he is much smaller than me so he will be able to help some guys that maybe don’t like my game.  His game is completely different and very high level.  Matheus is also one of the nicest guys I have ever met and this is very important for me to have a good environment.  Today he is going to show us one of his favorite submissions, the cross choke from mount and below I will break down.

Breakdown of Cross Choke From Mount by Matheus Gonzaga:

So guys as you can see above Matheus gives a lot of very small and important details.  The first thing that he says about keeping his knees pinched in the mount position is very important to remember.  Sometimes when you get to the mount people go crazy to escape and Matheus is able to hold anyone there.  You can’t see in the video but I can tell you his knees feel so tight on the mount like a body triangle or something.
After he has solidified the position Matheus will get a very deep collar grip and he will use the screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm forearm across my neck.  His grip is so deep it is behind my neck almost. Matheus also puts his elbow into my chest and applies a lot of pressure and it is very uncomfortable.
He leans forward and when he just touches the second grip I already want to tap.  I am almost choking just from Matheus first grip.   One big tip Matheus gives is that he pushes my head away with his forearm and it makes it very easy to get the second grip.  Lastly Matheus gives a very important detail talking about closing his elbows to finish.  This is very important.  Anyways guys I hope you like this position and enjoy it! Oss!


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