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Today I am here with Warren Brooks.  Warren is a black belt here at Gracie Barra Portland.  Warren is very tough and he has some of the most unorthodox foot locks I ever saw.  I was drilling with him and he was showing me these crazy weird foot locks and I have no doubt that they work because it felt like my foot was going to break. SO I asked him to show us below, check it out and I do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Crazy Weird Foot Locks by Warren Brooks:

So guys as you can see here these are some crazy weird foot locks.  I don’t think I have ever seen foot locks like this and it is kind of cool because he does them from bad positions so he can surprise his opponent.
I think that these foot locks would be legal in all belts for IBJJF as well because they are like strait foot locks. What he is doing from the mount that is very important is being able to scoop my leg and figure four his legs.
Once he is able to get my ankle and he is able to engage his hips it is very tight and feels like my foot is going to break or something.  I am very surprised with these foot locks.  Anyways guys if you try this out be careful with your partner, oss!


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