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Today we are going to learn a cool reverse half-guard attack by Jeff Messina. He started his training under Saul Soliz in 1997. Saul was at the forefront of MMA training at that time. Jeff has helped many famous MMA fighters prepare for fights including Tito Ortiz, Kevin Randleman, and Yves Edwards. He traveled to Brazil in 2002 and he met Rodrigo Medeiros, who is a Carlson Gracie 5th degree blackbelt. He received his black belt in 2008 after winning the Nationals in Los Angeles from Rodrigo Medeiros. Jeff continues to travel, train, and compete in order to constantly educate himself as a fighter and professor.
I just completed a seminar at his Revolution Dojo here in Houston, Texas. He also has a Revolution Dojo in Katy, Texas. Jeff won the Worlds No Gi Master’s 2 as a black belt.
He is going to show us one of his favorite sweeps which is from reverse half-guard into a submission.
Let’s see how he does it.
He usually sets this technique up from half-guard when he has an underhook. Most of the time his opponent backsteps to reverse half-guard. When his opponent backsteps Jeff pendulums up and frames on his opponent’s head.
Next, he swings his leg over his opponent’s head and rolls over. Now he has the option of an inverted armbar or he switches to a kimura. To finish the kimura he rolls with his opponent to finish the submission.
I really like this position and I had never seen it before. I see how effective this reverse half-guard position works.
This technique works so well because when Jeff has the underhook he is expecting me to backstep. He is also expecting me to control his head after I backstep.
When I do this he frames and pushes my head. This causes me to lose my balance and fall. That’s the time that he swings his leg over and catches my head. Now he can finish the reverse half-guard sweep with the inverted armbar or the kimura.
I think this position can work really well as a trap. When you know your opponent will backstep and try to control your head, that is the time you can go into the sweep. You will have the option of submissions or the sweep.

Here is the breakdown of the key points for a cool reverse half-guard attack by Jeff Messina:

  1. Start in the half-guard and look to get an underhook.
  2. When you get the underhook your opponent will usually backstep and attempt to control your head.
  3. When your opponent backsteps you will be anticipating this reaction. This is when you frame on his head. This will cause your opponent to lose his balance and fall.
  4. When your opponent falls you swing your leg over and catch his head.
  5. Now you have the option of finishing with the inverted armbar or a kimura.
  6. To finish the kimura just roll with your opponent and you will get the submission.

I hope you all enjoyed this cool reverse half-guard attack by Jeff Messina. Thank you Jeff so much. Oss.

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