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Guys today I have an awesome guest for you, I am here with one of the main instructors for the bjj globe trotters, Priit Mhkelson.  BJJ Globe Trotters for those of you who don’t know have over 130 academies affiliated with them around the world and it is an organization that helps people who are traveling find great places to train, organizes mega seminars all over the world, and will help schools with no affiliation join so they can do the IBJJF tournaments.  It is an absolutely amazing thing and Priit plays a big part in it, he is part of a lot of the seminars they have and he is one of the nicest guys and a great teacher.  Today he is going to show us some open guard concepts.  Check out the video below and we will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Concepts About Open Guard by Priit Mihkelson From BJJ Globetrotters:

So guys Priit always teaches things very conceptually and I think that this teaching style is very effective.  Certain things have to have specific techniques and it cannot be a “one size fits all” philosophy but there are certain concepts that can help people, especially beginners.  For example in half guard bottom or top, under hooks are almost always good, this is a conceptual way to look.
Here, Priit is showing us some concepts for maintaining open guard when the opponent is trying to stack.  Whenscreen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  people try and stack you it can be the worst thing in open guard, not only this but it is bad for our lower back and our neck.  As we get older our bodies can’t take this position well.
Something that Priit does that is very simple to avoid is loosen the hamstrings when they try and stack and keep his head glued to the mat.  This also works well in double unders.  It make him very hard to move and makes the legs very heavy.
Priit is also implementing some leg pummeling principles and when he combines these attacks it is very effective.  Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this position, osssss!


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