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Guys today I am here with the great J’Den Cox.  For those of you don’t know, J’den is one of the best wrestlers in the world.  He is the 2018 World Champion, he is an Olympic Bronze Medalist and he is a 3x NCAA champion.   J’den is one of the toughest guys I have ever trained with and he is one of the nicest guys.  He has never even really done Jiu Jitsu and he is extremely hard to sweep!  I’m very honored to have him here with me today.  He is going to show a simple grip that he uses in wrestling that can be used in bjj as well from the turtle position.  Let’s see below and then I will breakdown.

Breakdown of The Claw (Wrestling Move) By 2018 Wrestling World Champion J’Den Cox:

So guys as you can see here this is a different technique and much like bjj, it is simple on the surface but very technical. What J’den is doing here is forcing his opponent to turtle and he is going to get this grip.
This is a common grip in bjj and people will use it to set up arm triangle, Darce chokes and anaconda chokes.  The difference for J’Den is he uses this grip to put his opponent back to the ground.screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm
One of the things he did very well is his hand positioning.  When he changed this grip and tucked his thumb like he did it was very painful on my neck.  It could even be like a neck crank.  Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed, oss!


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