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Guys, today I am going to talk about a subject that people are always asking me questions about on the messages, at the seminars, and when I train with them.  The question that many people ask me is, can you learn Jiu Jitsu from watching videos?  Like instructional DVD’s, YouTube videos, and all the other stuff that is available these days.
My shorts answer to this question is definitely yes.  You can learn from watching videos, but to make it more complicated, you also have to practice what you are watching.  For example, when I was training at my hometown and the gym where I received all my belts from white to black under Ricardo Marques, I was always watching people.  There was not videos and stuff like YouTube but if I was sick or if I was injured I was always at the academy watching videos and studying.
I would see my coach doing something or a training partner and the next day when I was feeling better I would screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  practice and practice this.  This is why I try very hard to make my YouTube channel very diverse and with a lot of content.  I believe that every one has something valuable to share in Jiu Jitsu and everybody can learn from each other.
We can see two guys who do the same move differently.  I like to put videos up because I believe that you can learn from them, but if you watch an instructional video, you have to go and drill this technique and try to do it in the sparring.  I don’t think that you can just watch a technique, never practice it and know it.  You have to do it and see how to make it work for your style, your body and your game. Anyways guys, if you have nor already, check out my free E-book and download.  I go over a lot of questions people ask, I hope this helps you guys, check out the video below where I talk about this subject more.. OSS!


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