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Today I am here with Gordon Ryan.  I am pretty sure that all of you know who Gordon is, but if you don’t he is an ADCC Champion, EBI Champion, and a black belt under John Danaher.   Gordon is always known for fighting without the gi and he is starting to train more in the gi and wants to compete at worlds in the gi.  Gordon and I were able to train at my academy here in Bedford, MA and I can say that he is crazy tough in the gi.  I asked him to show a technique that he is very good at which is the butterfly sweep so check it out below and I do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Butterfly Hook Sweep Blocking The Arm by Gordon Ryan:

So guys, much like his teacher, Gordon is a great instructor who holds no details here.  He is very good at this butterfly sweep and he was able to hit this position on Josh Barnett in Quintet.  So what does he do?
First Gordon is able to get the belt grip, you can do this position with an under hook or with an over hook, it does not really matter.  Here, in this case, Gordon gets the over hook with the belt.  Once he does this he creates an angle and he is going to trap the wrist.
When he traps the wrist he goes to his side and he is able to sweep.  The most important detail Gordon mentions here is how he lifts his hip by using his toes to elevate me more.  He is engaging his hip and the butterfly sweep is the most messed up sweep because people forget to use their hip.
Anyways guys, this is a great breakdown of the sweep and I hope you guys enjoy, oss!


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