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Today I am here with Mike Perry.  Mike is one of the best physical conditioning coaches in Massachusetts.  Mike has worked a lot with many of the top UFC guys here in MA, and he has even worked with some of the Patriots players.  It is a huge pleasure and honor for me to be here learning from him.  It is important to see different ways of doing things.  For example, my physical conditioning coach, KP, is not as big into kettlebells as Mike is.  Mike is not only one of the most sought-after trainers in MA, but he is one of the most sought after in the world.
Today I asked Mike to go over some of the basic principles of doing a kettlebell workout.  The reason is because a few weeks ago I posted one video showing some of my favorite kettlebell workouts that I can do in 15-20 minutes in my home.  I always used to do some of my strength and conditioning with a kettlebell from home.  I think with just one kettlebell and one yoga mat you can a very good workout that is functional.
Many people think that you have to go to the gym for a full body workout and get a personal trainer.  Maybe if screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm  you are trying to do Jiu Jitsu as a professional you need to do some more strength and conditioning but for those guys that like to do bjj as a hobby, all you need is a kettlebell.  The way I always did my workouts was with basic ones, just like how I do my Jiu Jitsu.  This is because the basics are important, and I know that they are what can help the most.
Today Mike is going to show some basic workouts on me.  I am going to do them and he is going to coach me through them and tell you guys the best way to do it.  The video is here below, also if you have not already, download my free E-book! I go over a lot of the questions that I always get.  Anyways guys, enjoy the video! OSSSSSS


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