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Today I am going to talk about bjj tournaments: sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. I want to share what I have learned competing in bjj tournaments throughout my career. Every time I compete, I keep this in mind and it helps me feel less nervous about competing.
When we compete, we train very hard. We prepare, but in the end, the most important thing is that you just need to show up and compete.
Here is what I mean when I say that you just have to be there. Many times before I competed, I trained hard and I felt that I trained really well. The day of the competition, I woke up and said, “Today is my day. I’m going to win and beat everybody.” Then at the bjj tournament, I lost, sometimes in the first match.
However, other times before jiu-jitsu competitions, I trained very hard, but I didn’t feel that I trained well. My bjj game wasn’t sharp and I was getting beat up in training. I woke up the day of the tournament and I didn’t feel confident about my jiu-jitsu game. However, I ended up winning the tournament.
So, there is no science behind what will happen at the tournaments. You just have to show up, compete and try your best.
One thing that was common for me, was that I would see the brackets before my matches. I would see myself in a very tough bracket with really tough fighters. I thought this will be so hard to win, but I ended up winning.
On the other hand, many times I saw the brackets before my matches and I thought I was going to win. I didn’t see the names of any really tough fighters. I thought that none of these fighters can beat me. Then I went to the competition and I lost.
Therefore, the point I want to make is that we never know what will happen at any bjj competition. So, my tip is that if you want to compete, then sign up and go compete. You just need to show up and do your best. Nobody knows what will happen.
If you are feeling insecure about your bjj game and your training, it doesn’t mean that you will lose at the tournament. Maybe you will do very well in the tournament.
This mentality helps me a lot for tournaments because I find the balance between optimism and pessimism. I am confident that I can win, but I am humble enough to know that I can lose also. Nowadays, when I am training well in my training camp before a bjj tournament, I know it doesn’t mean anything. I can still lose my first match at the competition. Other times, when my training partners are beating me up, passing my guard and tapping me out, I know it doesn’t mean anything either. I remain confident that I can go to the competition, beat everyone and win.

Here is the breakdown of the key points for preparing for bjj tournaments:

  1. If you want to compete, then the best thing you can do is train hard to prepare, sign up and compete.
  2. Don’t worry too much about how your training is going prior to the bjj tournament. How your training is going doesn’t determine the results of the bjj tournament. Sometimes I train really well before a competition and I lose. Other times, I feel I’m not doing well in training, but I remain confident that I can win.

I hope this tip helps you become less nervous and more confident before your bjj tournaments. If you are really nervous on the day of your competition, don’t worry, it might be your day. You might do better than the day that you were really calm before a competition and ended up losing.
I hope this mentality before a bjj tournament helps you as much as it has helped me. Oss.

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