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The Hip Escape is one of the core movements of BJJ. It is something that can be taught on your first day in BJJ and you will do up until your last training as an old Black Belt! It may seem very simple but, in fact it is one of the principle movements of BJJ that the most amount of people do incorrectly. I have traveled all over the world giving classes and seminars at many different academies. I have had thousands of students attend these classes. I often see many students of all levels making errors while completing the hip escape.
screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmAlthough, these mistakes may not seem important as you move down the mat solo. They will become a big problem when someone is sprawled out on top of you and your trying to hip escape away and recover guard. The mistakes in technique of the position could lead to you not recovering guard and giving up the pass. That is just one reason why it is very important to have strong fundamental understanding on how to preform the Hip Escape.
Another situation where preforming the Hip Escape correctly is really important is when you are trying to escape the mount. If someone is mounted on you, even more so if the person is stronger or larger. You will need all the leverage that you can create to escape the position. I see many times, guys do not have the right form and get stuck. They fight super hard but, are unable to move anywhere. They get really tired and the person mounted on them can use this time to set up some submission. Had the person trying to escape just used the right technique and created the leverage needed.They could have escaped to half guard or closed guard (Check Out Bernardo Faria’s Power Closed Guard 4 DVDs Set – Click Here).
Take a look at these video I made showing the common mistakes of the Hip Escape and how to properly preform the hip escape:

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