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Today I am here with my friend Alexandre Vieira.  Alexandre is a black belt from Brazilian Top Team and in my opinion he has one of, if not the best loop chokes in the world.  He had a submission win in 2017 that many of you may have seen because Flograppling chose this as the best submission of 2017.  It was a pretty crazy loop choke because the guy was able to pass his guard but then they stood up in like a firemen carry and Alexandre was able to get the submission.  His opponent actually went to sleep in this position.  I asked him to breakdown this submission, the video is below and then I will discuss this.

Breakdown of The Best Submission Of 2017 – Loop Choke From Side Control by Alexandre Vieira:

So guys this is a very impressive and effective submission.  He can do this from many different places.  There are a lot of benefits to this submission.  The main thing that is good about this position is the fact that he is setting up a trap for his opponent.
Many times, especially in competition, people will be so determined to get the guard pass that submissions like screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm this work very well.  It is because they are so concerned with the guard pass that they let their guard down and will fall into positions like this.
The loop choke is a great submission to know if you have problems with guys passing on their knees and leading with their head.  For example, the way I pass with the over under, this is a dangerous submission for me. As you can see in the video above, in the end when I showed how I could get stuck in this position if I went for the over under hard.  It is a great position.  Anyways guys, I hope you like it and try it out, oss!


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