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Guys today I am here with young star, Edwin Najmi.  Edwin is one of my favorite competitors to watch these days because he is one of the most submission oriented guys and he is always so exciting.  Edwin is a black belt under someone who I respect so much, Romulo Barral.  Edwin is known for his flying triangle choke because when he was a purple belt he was able to win the World Open class against Nicholas Meregali.  Today I asked him to show us his flying triangle so lets see it below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of the best flying triangle with Edwin Najmi: 

So guys like I was saying in the video, Edwin always does this technique and it pretty crazy because seems like he is doing it in slow motion and all of his opponents know it is coming and he is still able to do it. So the way that he is setting it up is very unique.
Many people are always trying to do this position by controlling the collar and the sleeve but when Edwin goes screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm for it he is putting both of his hands on the lapel.  This grip helps him to elevate himself of.  Almost like he is using it to do a dip on the person.
When he is able to get this high up it is very easy to lock the triangle.  Edwin is not only good at setting this up he is very good at finishing his triangles.  Anyways guys I hope you enjoyed this technique and are able to use it in your training.


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