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Today I am going to talk about why I believe jiu-jitsu can be your best therapy in life. Many times, we go through difficult times in life. There are times when work or family problems arise that cause stress or get us down. Health issues for ourselves or our loved ones can be difficult to deal with and upsetting.
On the days when I feel a little sad or upset, I like to go train. When I am in BJJ class all my problems leave my mind, especially when I spar. After I shake someone’s hand to roll, my mind is totally focused. When your training partner is trying to choke you, then you don’t have time to worry about your problems.
I believe jiu-jitsu can be the best therapy for your life. It will be the time when you can forget about everything and concentrate on training. During training, especially rolling, you must follow your instincts. Your partner is attacking you and you don’t have time to think about other things. Your reactions become automatic.
Many of my students have told me that they feel the same about jiu-jitsu being therapeutic for them. They tell me that they come to class to clear their minds from everyday problems.
Also, just being in BJJ class and concentrating on the techniques being shown by the instructor requires that we focus our minds. It helps us forget about life outside of training.
I know a lot of people who go to psychologists for help with their problems, but I know many more people who go to jiu-jitsu class for help. That’s why I think it’s very important that your academy has a good environment. The academy is the place where we can go to forget about our problems. After a busy day of work or school, the academy can be our therapy to help deal with the problems we all face in life. We focus in the moment and only on training.
These are the reasons that I feel jiu-jitsu can be the best therapy. I really believe that it works, I know it works for me. Usually, I train twice a day and those are the two times in the day that I clear my mind. I don’t think about anything else, I only think about what I am doing on the mats.
I think everybody should have some release like this, even if it’s not BJJ. It could be any other sport or hobby that allows you to be in the moment whatever it is you are doing.
That’s why people enjoy yoga or meditation. It’s their way to clear their minds. Many people train BJJ and do yoga or meditation as well. This is even better because they have more ways to focus their minds.
Unlike other contacts sports like boxing or kickboxing, jiu-jitsu allows us to be in the moment without getting a black eye or broken nose. It’s also a great way to strengthen our bodies.

Here is the breakdown of my key points of why I believe jiu-jitsu can be your best therapy:

  1. Training can be a great way to forget about the daily problems we all face. Being in the gym, training with friends is a great way to focus on something other than our problems.
  2. When you roll with your training partners it’s the time when you rely on your instincts and you don’t have time to think about anything else.
  3. An academy with a good environment is a positive and healthy way to deal with problems in life.

I hope you all enjoyed this video. Oss.

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