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Today I am here with Jamison Cummings who is visiting my academy from California.  He trains with Dave Camarillo and has been doing bjj since the 1990’s.  Jamison and I were doing some training today and I can see that he has a very good level and he is very tough.  I asked him to show us one of his strong positions and I really like it.   It is simple and it is effective.  Let’s see it below and then I will do some breakdown.

Breakdown of Back Take Crossing The Arm From Knee Shield by Jamison Cummings:

So guys this is a position that I like very much.  It is because he is using the Knee shield or the Z guard.  This is one of my favorite guards and if you follow my career you know I used this position for a lot of it.  From here Jamison is going to do something very simple.  He is just going to go to the arm drag.
The way Jamsion does it is a very traditional way that works very well if you drill it and get good at it.  What he screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm does is keep his opponent away with the knee shield and when he feels his opponent make their arm light, that is the time to go.  He is going to do a 2 on 1 to break the grip if they have one and sit up as he drags the arm across his body.
There are a lot of ways to do the arm drag from here so the concept and theory of the technique is important.  Doing the arm drag from the knee shield is almost always a threat.  Anyways guys I hope you enjoy this technique, OSS!


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