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Today we are going to see an armbar trap from the mount by Jordan Lutsky. He has excellent jiujitsu and is a black belt under Rafael Formiga.
I just completed a seminar at his academy The Jiu Jitsu Mill in Port Chester, New York. He is going to show us one of his favorite moves – an armbar trap from the mount.
Let’s see how he does it.
He starts with the mount. When he posts his hands on the mat his opponent usually looks to grab Jordan’s hips by controlling around his belt. Jordan is hunting for his opponent’s right arm but first he breaks his opponent’s left-hand grip. Then he grabs his opponent’s left wrist and pins it to his chest with a fingers to the head grip.
Next, he clamps his left elbow to trap his opponent’s right arm. He also moves his left knee up and under his opponent’s right shoulder. He does this just enough to secure his opponent’s right shoulder but not enough to telegraph the armbar.
Now Jordan swings his right leg over and traps his opponent’s left wrist under the crook of his right knee. He doesn’t need his right hand anymore so he posts it on the mat to the side he is not attacking. Then he slides his left arm from the shoulder to his opponent’s right elbow.
To finish the submission, he brings the back of his left foot to the back of his opponent’s head. He finishes the armbar belly down.
Jordan likes this armbar so much because it doesn’t telegraph the armbar. Your opponent doesn’t have time to grab his lapels or elbows to defend. It’s a quick armbar and your opponent often doesn’t see it coming.
I think this technique works really well because it’s a surprise. I didn’t expect this submission. When my opponent mounts me I usually place both my hands on his hips, with the goal of bridging him up and getting one of my knees inside. However, when Jordan mounted me, he drove his left knee forward and it locked my shoulder and killed my bridge option.
So my next reaction would probably be something to the half-guard. However, Jordan trapped that hand and he passed his leg over my arm. Then he went to the armbar finish. He also had the option of a triangle.
I do something very similar to this from mount, where I grab under my opponent’s head with one hand and I pin his arm to his chest with my other hand. Then I swing my leg over and go to the triangle.

Here is the breakdown of the key points for an armbar trap from the mount by Jordan Lutsky:

  1. Jordan starts in mount and moves his left knee forward attempting to lock his opponent’s shoulder.
  2. He traps his opponent’s other hand and he swings his leg over trapping his opponent’s arm.
  3. Now he brings the back of his foot to the back of his opponent’s head and he finishes the armbar from the top belly-down.
  4. He also has the option of going into the triangle.

I hope you all enjoyed this video. Thank you so much Jordan. Oss.
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