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Today I am here with Gordon Ryan.  I think that almost everyone knows who Gordon is, he is one of the best up and coming guys there is.  Gordon had one of the best performances at the ADCC there has ever been where he submitted 5 out of his 8 opponents and got the gold in his division and second in the open weight.  Gordon is one of those guys that some people “like to hate.”  To be honest before I had met and trained with him and before he won the ADCC I didn’t know if he was at that level, but I can tell you after seeing him in ADCC and training with him, in the gi, Gordon is at that level and he is going to shock the world in the gi.  Gordon likes to talk, but he works harder than everyone, he is extremely talented, and he is very nice.  Today he is going to show us the guillotine he used on Keenan Cornelius in the finals of the ADCC.

Breakdown of The Arm In Guillotine by Gordon Ryan (The One Used In The Adcc Finals 2017 Against Keenan Cornelius):

So guys, a lot of details here.  Gordon is explaining some very high level bjj exactly as it happened in the competition.  Basically Keenan was able to get a single leg on Gordon and Gordon got into the front headlock system.  Once he was able to solidify the front headlock Keenan let go of the single leg and Gordon went for the Sumi Gaeshi.  This is when you fall and use the butterfly hook to throw your opponent over.
When he did this, Gordon ended up in a strait line with Keenan and Keenan had enough time to fight the hands screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   because Gordons hips where to far.  Gordon was able to get the front headlock again and he changed his strategy and made an adjustment.  This time, he used a foot trip to take Keenan down so his hips where near Keenans and he was able to mount faster.
Once Gordon got into the mount position the submission was just there.  He was able to finish the guillotine and win the ADCC.  This is a great sequence and Gordon used this same front headlock system to win the double gold at the IBJJF No Gi Pans recently.  John Danaher is going to be releasing this front headlock system video series tomorrow on so keep your eyes opened! Oss!


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