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Today I am here with UFC Veteran, Bellator Fighter, and MMA star, Chael Sonnen.  We are also here with his coach Fabiano Scherner who is a 10x Black Belt Masters World Champion.  He is super tough and he is Chael’s Jiu Jitsu coach.  Today Chael is actually going to show us a technique that he did in one of his MMA fights.  He is a super tough guy, really nice and a great competitor so it is a huge pleasure for me.  He is going to show us a head and arm choke from the side control.  The head and arm choke is a very popular choke in MMA and it is a great position in both gi and no gi, let’s take a look and then I will do a breakdown.

Breakdown of The American Gangster Head & Arm choke from Chael Sonnen:

So guys I really like the way that Chael sets this position up.      My style is very simple and I try to make it effective, if you know my game I like techniques that many people consider “basic.”  They work for me and they work for many people.
I like the half guard, I like the over under pass, I like things that I am not risking to much, I can go slow and I can be methodical.  The way that Chael set’s the arm triangle up many people have probably seen before but it is the fundamental way to do this position for a reason.  Chael is not risking to much by attacking this.
In MMA there is much more risk in going for things because you can get punched, or elbowed.  When you are passed the guard in MMA or in mount or back you do not want to give up position to go for things because maybe you end up on bottom and get knocked out.  So let’s say you go for the arm bar from mount or side and they escape, this can be dangerous.
The way that Chael sets this up he is safe and he does not risk much, he pushed the arm, went screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm to the other side and is patient, like he said it is the person on bottoms job to move, they are stuck.  Anyways guys I hope you like this position, if you want to learn more from Fabiano Scherner who is Chael’s coach and a great competitor check out his new DVD below! It is great for guys who like to play it slow and methodical! Oss! Also check out my FREE E-Book!


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