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Guys today I am here with someone I have always loved watching and one of the biggest stars in MMA history, Kazushi Sakuraba.  We are here in Japan filming an entire instructional on all of his kimura hacks and being here filming with him I am very impressed with all of his knowledge on this position it is amazing.  So guys one of the tricks he showed me I had to film and show you guys so lets see it below.

Breakdown of the Amazing Detail To Finish The Kimura by Kazushi Sakuraba:

So guys this is something that seems very simple but it is something that being honest, I have not seen before and this is exactly why I LOVE jiu jitsu!  I hve always struggled with the kimura when the opponent connects hand with hand and normally I go to the arm bar, back take or other submissions.
Sakuraba was showing how this has worked for him for years and all he does is put the leg on the forearm or even screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pmthe fist.  This trick to break the grip also works if the opponent is in the gi grabbing his own lapel or his pants so it is an awesome grip.
Even if you prefer to go for the arm lock this is a good way to break the grip and then go for the arm lock.  Anyways guys I am so impressed with all of Sakuraba’s knowledge and I was so happy to be able to film with this legend! Oss guys!


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