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Today I am here with Malcolm Gwilliam.  Malcolm is a physical conditioning coach and he is a nutritionist.  Malcolm is one of the best physical conditioning coaches in the world and he has developed a good program from conditioning for bjj.
Many people always ask me whether or not I think that physical conditioning is going to help your bjj.  I screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm think that these days at the highest levels of bjj, it is good to do some physical conditioning.  I don’t think you have to do conditioning everyday and go crazy training 5 times per day, but if you do some conditioning a few times a week it will help.
For example, in 2015 when I won the worlds as a Black Belt in my weight division and the open class I was doing physical conditioning  with my coach who I worked with for so many years, KP.  I think that when you do this it will help you go the extra mile and have that push you need for the competition.
Conditioning will also help you with your mentality.  When you train hard and put in a lot of time and effort into things, you will feel more prepared and when you stand on the mat and look across from you, you will know that no one worked as hard as you.  Anyways guys, enough reading this, check out this video below with Malcolm Gwilliam on 5 great exercises for bjj! Oss!


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