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Guys today I am going to share with you one of my favorite techniques that I do no gi.  I am releasing a new instructional DVD all about my no gi game here very soon and this is one of the techniques.  My game does not change a lot when I do the no gi, I still like to play the half guard, the deep half guard and the over under pass.  It is a little different when I do not have the grips.  I am going to show you one of my favorite positions in the half guard or knee shield no gi.  I learned a lot of this technique when I was training under Marcelo in NYC.  Marcelo is the best no gi competitor of all time, I have never seen someone so good in my life.  This is his favorite grip no gi and he was so good with it I had to take it and put it into my game.  Take a look at the video below and then I will discuss it more!

Breakdown of the 2 on 1 from the Knee Shield by Me:

So guys this is a very simple technique and this is why I love it.  Anybody can learn this technique and implement it into their game.  The first thing I do a little different in no gi is I play the knee shield a lot.  This is because I like to keep the distance more and I don’t have grips for frame.
Once I get the knee shield I look for the 2 on 1.  This is the grip that I learned at Marcelo’s. screen-shot-2016-12-01-at-6-47-41-pm   He is the best at it, when Marcelo would get this grip on me I could never break.  If you guys get this grip make sure to put 100% of your energy and strength to holding it.
Once you have the 2 on 1 grip you are pretty much ready to start to sweep your opponent.  All I do is drag is arm across to make some space for me to come up for the single leg half.  If you know my game you know that I love the single leg half, it is just like in the gi.  I use the grip to make the space and then I am there.
Remember when you get to the single leg half to get very deep, keep the head on the inside and keep their leg trapped until your turn on the knee.  Once you are ready turn on the knee and get the sweep. Simple guys, anyways, I hope you like this technique and are able to use it! OSS!


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